Impact of Mental Health Conditions on Business

A troubled employee can significantly affect a company’s bottom line. Loss of company income can be impacted by:

  • poor work quality, errors, poor judgement
  • on-the-job injuries and accidents as a result of inattention, stress, substance abuse
  • wasted resources and materials
  • chronic absenteeism and tardiness
  • worker compensation expenses
  • disruptive conduct, co-worker conflicts, workplace violence


“Insurance data indicates insurance claims for stress-related industrial accidents cost nearly twice as much as non-stress-related industrial accidents”.
Harvard Business Review

“40 % of job turnover is due to stress”.
Bureau of National Affairs

Timely and effective treatment interventions for mental health or substance abuse conditions can help reduce risks and liability to businesses and industries. Appropriate treatment for these conditions can help reduce medical expenses related to stress or anxiety induced medical conditions and inappropriate use of medical resources.

“Researchers estimate that 50% – 80% of all medical illnesses reported to physicians have a strong emotional or stress-related component.”
Mental Health America

To determine the financial impact of a depressed or substance abusing employee on your bottom line, visit these helpful websites to calculate the cost to your organization.